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Listening to Rob Daniels is like rediscovering one of your favorite bands... however, it’s much more than that.


“I was searching for my voice. I had been a gigging musician for years but I was only just beginning to identify myself as a songwriter.”


So says Rob Daniels regarding his journey from college student to performing artist who has produced a collection of sincere tunes recounting love found and lost during his two years in Boston.


Daniels’ voice is immediately recognizable, yet fresh with a unique timbre and presence beyond its years. You can hear smooth, hopeful, raspy or broken depending on the song; it’s clean, dirty and intimate all at the same time.

"I always enjoyed listening to the radio... in fact, I still do!  When I was a kid my dad brought home a vintage Seeburg jukebox that came with all the original 45s  -  it was the centerpiece of our living room. Growing up I spent a lot of spare change and time playing along with records from the 50s and 60s -  Rhythm & Blues,  Rock n' Roll,  Soul,  Jazz, Country,  Funk ... you name it!   The list goes on."

As if his alluring vocals and guitar riffs weren't enough, the songwriting alone could make his debut LP a classic.

Rob Daniels has shared the stage with Earl Slick, Joe Louis Walker, The Kentucky Headhunters, Kathy Mattea, Frank Carillo, Marty Brown,  Sterling Campbell (David Bowie) and countless others - packing various concert halls such as The Towne Crier, The Bitter End and many more.




Concert for Recovery 

4:00 PM

Mrach 1st 

The Towne Crier 


Rob Daniels Live

7:00 PM

March 6th

The Towne Crier


Rob Daniels and Friends

7:00 PM

March 28th

The Towne Crier

IMG_0127 edit 2_edited_edited.jpg

Rob Daniels Band

7:00 PM

July 23rd

Orange County Fair


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